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     Pictures From The NCEMGVA Membership Meeting  

June 9, 2017  North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Winter Newsletter 2017

Camellia - Southern Wake County - November, 2017 - picture by Chris Alberti

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Awards From the American Society of Horticulture Science, Extension Division 2017 Outstanding Education Materials Awards Are As Follows

Award Certificate

NC State Extension Gardening Portal - 2017 Outstanding website

Congratulations to Lucy Bradley, Rob Ladd and Mike Vysocka for this outstanding resource.

Collard Greens and Common Ground: 
a North Carolina Food Gardening Handbook - 2017 Outstanding Bulletin Award 

Congratulations to co-authors Don Boekelheid and Lucy Bradley and to editor Debra Ireland.

The Extension Gardener Handbook: 2017 Outstanding Book Award

Congratulations to the entire team of super heroes who have contributed to the success of the Extension Gardener Handbook. A special shout out to co-editors Kathleen Moore and Lucy Bradley for their leadership, John Buettner for his creative genius, Debra Ireland for updating all the brand references, Jill Steffey for final edits and to each of the Master Gardener volunteers and agents who have contributed their time and expertise. Many thanks to Tom Melton for investing in the project.

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EMGV, Carolyn Jennings (photo) was awarded 1st and 3rd places in photography; Daffodils- four 1st place, three 2nd place,  two 3rd place and four honorable mentions.   She entered 14 flowers and received 13 ribbons.  EMGV, Bette Lou Campbell entered as a Novice and was awarded one 1st and one 3rd place ribbons. A great learning experience!  

Davidson County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Julie Dayvault received the NCEMGVA Outstanding Volunteer Award from NCEMGVA Awards Chair, Kat Causey at a celebration held by the Davidson County Master Gardeners on August 3rd.  Julie was recognized by the NCEMGVA, NC Extension Master Gardeners Volunteer Association, for her contribution in helping to educate gardeners in the region.  Julie has been instrumental in aiding Davidson County Master Gardeners develop an increasingly popular Gardener's Conference.  In only 6 years, this conference has grown to include 200 participants. 

Karen Neill receives NC Extension Staff Achievement Award 

Karen Neill has been selected by the NC Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Association as the recipient of its achievement award for outstanding support of the Extension Master Gardener Program in Guillford County.  During her 29 years as a Horticulture Agent, Ms. Neill has developed programming to support Guilford County residents urban horticulture needs through the use of trained Master Gardeners in the areas of community gardening, youth programs, public events, managing a demonstration garden for training, and hosting speaking engagements; all focusing on education using best practices.  She has personally trained over 600 volunteers and is the recipient of many state and national recognitions.  Ms. Neill is currently the Guilford County Cooperative Extension Center Director, located at 3309 Burlington Rd. (Photo from right to left is Karen Neill, Kat Causey, Awards Chair and Janice Newsome).

The NCEMGVA has recognized Scott Maxwell with an Outstanding Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Award.  Maxwell is a 5 year member and has served as President for the last 2 years.  He completed over 110 volunteer hours in 2016 for the Cabarrus County Master Gardener Association.


2017 Awards Are As Follows For NCEMGVA


Julie Dayvault - Davidson County
Outstanding Volunteer Award

Presented by NCEMGVA in recognition and appreciation of a Gardener Who Shares Her Passion.


 Scott Maxwell - Cabarrus County - Outstanding Volunteer  Award

Presented by NCEMGVA in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding service to Cabarrus County EMGVA.

Karen Neill - Guilford County -
Cooperative Extension Staff Life Time Achievement Award

Presented by NCEMGVA as a Lifetime Achievement Award for Exemplary Extension Master Gardener Programming.

Mecklenburg, Iredell and Union Counties - Symposium Matching Grant Award

Native Plants and Pollinators for the Piedmont Home Landscape hosted by EMGVAs of Mecklenburg, Iredell and Union Counties.

Craven County Master Gardener Volunteer Association- Symposium Matching Grant Award

Spring Fever in January hosted by Craven County Master Gardener Volunteer Association.

Images of the MOA signing 2016 Agreement. 

4 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Jul 2016
  • Edna Gaston and Lucy Bradley.
  • Lisa Sanderson and Dr. Bonanno at signing of the 2016 MOA Agreement.
  • Dr. Bonanno and Edna Gaston signing the 2016 MOA Agreement.
  • Edna Gaston and Lisa Sanderson at Kilgore Hall for the MOA signing

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