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Map of North Carolina counties, with red stars placed in counties that received NCEMGVA Project Grants in 2022

It is our Association's great honor to support the amazing work of Master GardenerSM Volunteers* through our 2022 Inspire Connect Empower Project Grants, which provided a total of $10,000 in funding to 22 County Master Gardener Programs across the State of North Carolina**.  

Grant recipients are listed in alphabetic order by county.

*Master GardenerSM Volunteers must raise the funds for their projects.  

**Please note that for some of these projects, NCEMGVA is not the sole source of funding.  

Brunswick County:  Submitted by A. Coleman and D. Coulson               

Project Title:  Welcome Garden Pathway

Category:  Startup   Funding: $500

Read More about the Welcome Garden Pathway Project 

Cabarrus County:  Submitted by A. Ashworth and D. Browning

Project Title:  Greenhouse 

Category:  Startup  Funding:  $500

Read about the Cabarrus County Greenhouse Project

Caldwell County:  Submitted by E. Roberts and J. Smith

Project Title:  Nature's Best Hope Demonstration Garden   

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More about the Nature's Best Hope Demonstration Garden Project

Carteret County:  Submitted by S. Howren and E. Sewell

Project Title:  Plant a Row Goodness Garden

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read about the Plant a Row Goodness Garden Project

Catawba County:  Submitted by S. Abernathy and M. Natalie

Project Title:  Beautify Our Demonstration Gardens

Category:  Continuing Project   Funding:  $300

Read about the Beautify Our Demonstration Gardens Project

Craven County:  Submitted by P. Bergdall and J. Paladini

Project Title:  Cropmasters Vegetable Garden Protective Barrier

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read more about the Cropmasters Vegetable Garden Protective Barrier Project

Cumberland County:  Submitted by B. Wadford and L. Brooks

Project Title:  Demonstration and Pollinator Garden Plant Identification Project

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read about the Demonstration and Pollinator Garden Plant Identification Project

Dare County:  Submitted by S. Stadther and L. Foster

Project Title:  Wetlands Walking Trail

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read more about the Wetlands Walking Trail Project

Davidson County:  Submitted by J. Craver and L. Wanchick

Project Title:  Arcadia Community Center Project

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read more about the Arcadia Community Center Project

Durham County:  Submitted by D. Pilkington and W. Crutchfield

Project Title:  The Cocoa Cinnamon Project

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read more about the Cocoa Cinnamon Project

Harnett County:  Submitted by F. Hamilton and S. Anastasio

Project Title:  Education and Outreach to Residents

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read more about the Education and Outreach to Residents Project

Haywood County:  Submitted by B. Refinski-Knight and D. McKee

Project Title:  Garden Classroom Pavers

Category:  Continuing   Funding:  $300

Read more about the Garden Classroom Pavers Project

Iredell County:  Submitted by Submitted by S. Kuffler and J. Petrozza

Project Title:  Irrigation System at Demonstration Garden

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $300

Read More

Johnston County:  Submitted by Submitted by C. Alberti and F. Chadwick

Project Title:  Irrigation for Nutrition

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

McDowell County:  Submitted by J. Zimmerman and K. Hillman

Project Title:  Joseph McDowell Greenway Amphitheater Improved Landscaping

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

Onslow County:  Submitted by J. Smith and L. Jenkins

Project Title:  Outdoor Classroom Seating in the Discovery Gardens

Category:  Continuing   Funding:  $300

Read More

Orange County:  Submitted by M. Malloy and D. Klimas

Project Title:  Community Seed Library

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

Pitt County:  Submitted by S. Camus and A. Hamze

Project Title:  Building a Vegetable Garden One Step at a Time

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

Rowan County:  Submitted by L. Rider and D. Scott

Project Title:  Hurley School Pollinator Trees & Shrubs

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

Sampson County:  Submitted by S. Williams and A. Butler

Project Title:  Informal Pollinator Friendly Garden

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More

Vance-Warren Counties:  Submitted by J. Smith and B. Leach

Project Title:  Increase Native Plant Species and Improve Irrigation in the Memorial Garden

Category:  Continuing Project   Funding:  $300

Read More

Wake County:  Submitted by S. Botts and L. Romanov

Project Title:  Accurately Measuring Solar Radiation in Gardens

Category:  Startup   Funding:  $500

Read More


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