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Updating email preferences

A contact can unsubscribe from – or subscribe to – different types of email from their profile. To update email preferences, the contact:

  1. Logs into their NCEMGVA site.
  2. Clicks the View profile link to jump to their member profile page.
  3. Clicks the Email subscriptions link.

  4. Clicks the Edit profile button.
  5. Check or unchecks the type of emails you wish to receive.
      There are three types of emails each contact can control:
  • Event notifications – automatic event emails such as event announcements (sent to people not yet registered) and event reminders (sent to registered attendees only)
  • e-Newsletters and email blasts – all manual email blasts from administrators
  • Forum subscriptions – if a member has already subscribed to the forum updates

By default, every new contact will have event notifications and email blasts turned on. For forum subscriptions, contacts can also control how frequently they receive forum update notifications.


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