2018 is an NCEMGVA Conference Year!  Your professional Association values and recognizes outstanding people and exceptional work.  The 2018 Scholarship, Award, and Grant recipients will be honored each day of the Conference in Greenville, June 7th-9th.   Apply to Win!  Click on the Word and PDF files below for the forms.


New this Year!  The NCEMGVA is sponsoring an opportunity for a newly certified EMGV in financial need to receive some funding to attend the 2018 NCEMGVA Conference in Greenville. 

Do you know a valuable EMGV who can benefit from the assistance?  Nominate them for the new Legacy Conference Scholarship

NCEMGVA Legacy Conference Scholarship.docx 

NCEMGVA Legacy Conference Scholarship.pdf

Click here to link to a map of the 5 NCEMGVA districts and counties


Do you want to honor the EMGV who has been with your group 5 years or more and who your group just can’t do without?  The person you think personifies the word “Outstanding”?

Nominate that EMGV for the NCEMGVA Outstanding EMGV Award!

 NCEMGVA Outstanding Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Award.docx

NCEMGVA Outstanding Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Award.pdf


Is your group proud of your County Agent, County Director or other Extension personnel?

Do you rely on their leadership and support?

Nominate them for the NC State Extension Achievement Award to make your pride known!

 NC State Extension Achievement Award.docx

NC State Extension Achievement Award.pdf


Does your county have a great idea for a one-day or partial-day event to educate EMGVs and would like some funding to make it happen?  Perhaps even collaborate with another county?

Apply for a NCEMGVA Educational Matching Grant!  (formerly: Symposia Matching Grant)

NCEMGVA Educational Matching Grants Program.docx

NCEMGVA Educational Matching Grants Program.pdf


Does your county have a specific type of garden they want to establish or expand but needs some financial help to get started?  Or, perhaps your county wants to carry out an educational project for Junior Master Gardeners or for an after school program?

Apply for a NCEMGVA Project Grant (formerly: Competitive Grant) to make those plans a reality!   

NCEMGVA Project Grants Program.docx

NCEMGVA Project Grants Program.pdf


Does your county want to showcase a demonstration or educational garden that has been completed, is under construction, or is in the late design stage of planning?  Entering the NCEMGVA Madeline Collier Landscape Garden Design Competition could win your group a cash prize! 

NCEMGVA Madeline Collier Landscape Garden Design Competition (2).docx

NCEMGVA Madeline Collier Landscape Garden Design Competition.pdf


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