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Programs and Grants

PLEASE SEND all Applications to Kat Causey

NCEMGVA, in collaboration with host county programs and the NC State Extension, sponsors an educational conference for North Carolina Master Gardeners.

The 2017 updated documents for Awards and Grants are now available. 


The mission statement of NCEMGVA is: “To enhance the effectiveness of the Master Gardener Programs in North Carolina by organizing and hosting training and educational opportunities, by facilitating the exchange of information through publications and special events, and by working in collaboration with the NC State Extension.”  In 2010, NCEMGVA conducted a pilot program to support the Western Regional Symposium with a matching grant.  Based on the success of this effort, the Board approved in February, 2011, the creation of a matching grant program to foster regional symposia. Support for this type of event was a major theme in our recently conducted membership survey.

Competitive Grants Program

The goal of the Competitive Grants Program is to enhance, supplement, and aid in improving the Master Gardener programs of North Carolina.   The Competitive Grants Program awards full or partial matching funds on a competitive basis to projects that further the goals of the association as well as the county and multi-county Master Gardener programs. The Competitive Grants Program is open to all North Carolina Master Gardener Programs but the grant must be filed by an NCEMGVA member. The Deadline for Submission is April 1st.

Annual NCEMGVA Competitive Grants Program.pdf

Symposium Matching Grants

The goal of this program is to foster the growth and development of regional symposia through providing grants to support such activities.  The program is open to all NC Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Programs who have formed consortia to offer regional educational and training symposiaThe Deadline for Submission is April 1st.

PLEASE SEND all Applications to Kat Causey  

Annual NCEMGVA Symposium Matching Grants Program.pdf

Outstanding Volunteer  Award

PLEASE SEND all Applications to Kat Causey

The Outstanding Volunteer awards represent an opportunity for North Carolina Master Gardeners to recognize their colleagues for extraordinary contributions to the Extension Master Gardener Program and Cooperative Extension.  Nominations may be submitted by a county Master Gardener organization, by State Extension staff, or by an individual Master Gardener. Recipients are chosen by the NCEMGVA Awards Committee and the awards are presented at the annual Master Gardener conference.
The Deadline for Submission is April 1st.

Annual NCEMGVA Outstanding Volunteer Award.pdf

Extension Staff  Awards

The North Carolina State Extension Staff Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to recognize those County Directors, Horticulture or Agriculture Agents, or Extension staff who have significantly contributed to the success of the State Master Gardener program.  This award is generally given at the conclusion of an individual's career or as the result of a major change in their situation.  Nominations for this award must be endorsed by at least two Master Gardeners. The Deadline for Submission is April 1st.

Annual NC State Extension Staff Achievement Award.pdf

Madeline Collier Landscape Garden Design Competition The competition is closed for 2017 and will reopen for 2018.

Begun in 2007, the goal of the competition is to showcase Master Gardener landscape demonstration gardens that have been completed, are under construction, or are in the late design stage. The competition is open to all North Carolina Master Gardener Programs. Entries, including garden designs, plans, photographs, and models, will be displayed at the North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Conference held on even years. The judging criteria will include the visual appeal of the design, accessibility, and the educational value to the general public, including seniors and youth, in demonstrating best gardening (e.g. sustainability, waterwise strategies, green waste reduction, and minimizing fertilizer and pesticide use). Winners will be conference attendees and announced at the Conference banquet. The Madeline Collier award will not be presented this year.  The award is given only when NCEMGVA hosts the conference and there is sufficient space to display the entrants.  

Annual Madeline Collier Landscape Garden Design Competition.pdf

There are two competition categories:

Category A: those programs with 50 or fewer active members.
Category B: programs with more than 50 active members.

Search for Excellence Award

This is an award from NC State Extension. The Deadline for Submission is July 1st. EMGVs or Agents can contact Lisa Sanderson at if there are questions. Read the files below for details.

2017 Guidelines NC Search for Excellence.pdf



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